Tales of the Ersellian Winds Series


Book 1 – Fierce Winds Rising

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fwr-book-cover-2-website-v1Dark skies loom over the horizon.

An alliance of unprecedented magnitude is on the brink. The continent of Ersellis braces for the coming shift in the balance of power. At the center of it all, a young prince and princess orchestrate a war of conquest that will forever shape their destiny.

In the neighboring state, a group of elite mercenaries—the White Feather Company—prepare for the inevitable conflict. Through the leadership of their commander, the fiery Rosamund Red, they tackle difficult tasks to secure the future of their company and safeguard the Republic of Isoldien, their employer.

As the fierce winds of the coming storm rise, steel and magic will collide in a deadly game of wits. Who will prevail, and who will be forgotten? In the midst of chaos, strength and resolve will be tested, nameless heroes will fulfill their duties, and the commoners will endure. For some, it is business as usual.

Book 2 – Dark Storms Raging

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The future of Ersellis remains uncertain. The winds of war grow steadily.

Encouraged by their recent success, the king and queen of Vorostria carry on with their grand ambitions of conquest. Artem patiently executes a cunning strategy while Seralynd battles with her own personal and official conflicts.

Meanwhile, Rosamund Red and a contingent of the White Feather Company are trapped in Argentia’s Post, trying to endure day by day. Along with the garrison of Citizen Guards, they valiantly defend the castle against a formidable army. Resourceful and defiant, the beleaguered defenders stand their ground in a hopeless situation.

As dark times slowly engulf the continent, lucrative opportunities arise. Uneasy friendships and vicious rivalries are born. Those caught in the middle must adapt and overcome—or be swept away by the raging storm.